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Minor Rant

Last night when FI got off work, we were talking about his coworkers that we have invited to the wedding. We are only inviting 5 of the 35 guys (3 are bosses) and I was trying to make sure that there wasn't anybody else he wanted to invite...

His response was that he was planning to send an EMAIL invitation to the ENTIRE team!  I almost had a conniption. I (calmly) asked him what he planned to say in this email and he said that he wanted to say when and where the wedding will be and to let him know if they're planning to come so he can reserve them a spot... It took everything thing I had to make sure I didn't raise my voice (or slap the silly out of him) while telling him that was absolutely unacceptable.

Men just don't get it do they?
Has anybody else's fiance tried to do something this silly during the wedding planning?
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