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Has anyone worked with Katie Berger from Sara Kate Events?  I can't seem too much info about her.

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  • lucyslovelucyslove member
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    She was my DOC in Dec and I LOVED her!!!  She was so helpful and did everything I needed leading up to the wedding and on the day of.  I clicked with her immediately and called and emailed with lots of questions (frequently!) about all kinds of things.  She always answered my questions and had great ideas.  I highly recommend her!!!!  Her email is:

    HTH!!  Lucy
  • alisonzalisonz member
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    I have also hired her as my DOC (in October). I was unsure at first cause I couldn't find much on her, but after meeting her, she told me her website is under construction.

    She was fantastic at our meeting and I've heard only positive things about her. She's also quite reasonable. The clincher for me, was that my caterer had worked with her before and said she was one of the better DOC's she has worked with.

    Definitely call her!

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  • Roseinbloom2Roseinbloom2 member
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    I am using Katie also and think she is great!  ITA with the PP, meeting with her clinched it for me, even though I knew I liked her when I spoke with her on the phone.  Def. worth hiring!!!!
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    I used her as my DOC and absolutely loved her.  She's so sweet to work with and did everything I needed that day perfectly.  She's recommended on this board quite frequently (and not just by me!). 
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    Thanks, everyone.  I hired her.  She made me feel so much better about planning.
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    Katie is BEYOND amazing.
    She was my DOC in December during the blizzard.  I knew everything would be taken care of, and nothing would be overlooked as long as she was in charge.


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