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Kleinfeld blow out sale - tips?

Hi guys,

The Kleinfeld blow out sale is next week (tuesday the 27th). Have any of you been to one of these before? Does anyone have an suggestions - like when to arrive, etc? Thanks!

Re: Kleinfeld blow out sale - tips?

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    Yes, they give out numbers and then call people in in groups.  Either go early or have someone else go early to get a number, I think it was around 10AM.  Go back before 3 PM as they may start calling the numbers early.  Last winter they did not have a megaphone so it was difficult to hear the numbers being called, so keep alert. 

    Only one person is allowed in the changing room with you and you share the room with another bride.  Other people can wait outside.  The managers are very nice and sales consultants are friendly,  but not like what you see on TV.  Randy is super skinny!  Technically, I think there is a limit to the number of dresses you can try on, but the consultant I had was not that strict.

    Try to wear a strapless bra or a spanx type garment to give you a better idea of what the dress will look like the day of.

    I thought the dress selection was limited as I had a lower budget (less than $2000) than their usual $3000+ price range.  I didn't find a dress there, but it was a decent experience.  I would not go there if I had not already gone to try dresses on somewhere else where you can get more personalized attention and service.

    HTH, GL
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    That is great information, thank you!

    When you went to get your number at 10, did you have to wait a long time?
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    My FMIL went and got the nubmer as she lives in the city.  She went early, but I think she may have waited maybe half an hour.  They were still giving out number after 3 PM; you'll have to wait for others to come out and I'm sure the supply is depleted.

    I think you can call Kleinfeld's to verify what time they will begin giving out numbers.
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    Great, thank you so much!
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