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Beach Wedding: Where do should I do Rehearsal?

I am having my wedding on the beach. I have never been a participant or known anyone who had a beach wedding. Where do you typically have the rehearsal? Do you have it at the beach location or is there another option? -Kari

Re: Beach Wedding: Where do should I do Rehearsal?

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    It depends.  I'm having a beach wedding at a resort an hour away from my city.  I'm paying for the bridal and groom party to stay at the resort the night before and the night of the wedding.  We are probably going to just do the rehearsal dinner at the resort's restaurant.
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    Have the rehearsal at the location of the ceremony whenever possible. If it's not possible, then you can have it just about anywhere there is room to maneuver. It would be helpful for the WP to be able to see the location, or a similar space. Beach weddings are typically causual, so you might could skip the rehearsal and just "brief" the WP on how things will go at the RD.
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    I would do it at the beach. If you do it at the approximate same time that the actual wedding will be held, then you can get an idea of where the sun will be - you don't want to set things up and then discover that the sun will be directly in your guests' eyes (or yours). You should also probably test out your sound equipment, or make sure your voices can be heard over the waves.
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    I would have it at the beach.If it rained, improvise indoors
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    don't forget to check the tide tables before you set your ceremony time. low tide will give you more room than high tide.
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