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order and seating

Ok so these questions have probably been asked a million times, didnt see a complete answer tho. What order does the family walk down the asile in? I only have one grandfather and FI only has one grandmother. How does everyone sit? I only have one brother and he's a gm and FI has 2 brothers his bm and one stepsister and she's one of my bm so all siblings will be standing. Do god parents have reserved seating like the parents or do they just find a seat like the rest of the guests. And what order do the bridesmaids and grooms men walk down the aisle? Do they have to go in height order or something? Im not saying I want them to, i honestly have no idea and i believe every weddding ive been to just worked out that way unless it was on purpose. Will the one who is farthest away think I don't care about her as much? I know thats silly but i want to make sure im not offending anyone. I know someone has to be last. I'm having 2 moh so do they go one right after the other? So many questions!!
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Re: order and seating

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    To clarify... FI's two brothers are his bm and his stepsister is one of my bm's. Didnt know if that was clear. TIA!
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    Family usually walks grooms grandparents, brides grandparents, grooms parents, mother of the bride. Although you don't have to do this. We opted not to have grandparents walk due to health issues and their preference.

    For sitting usually the family who walks in sits in the front row or two with the parents on the aisle (as they are walking in last). Typically if you are looking up the aisle bride's family is on the left, grooms family is on the right (except for Jewish ceremonys in which it is flipped). But again you don't have to do this.

    Up to you on reserved seating for Godparents. We chose not to have reserved seating for our Godparents, but you certainly could if you want to. Just make sure to tell people that you want them in the reserved seating otherwise they will be unlikely to sit there.

    As for order of the wedding party it really doesn't matter. This was something we figured out at the rehearsal.The two popular options seem to be either the wedding party walking in as pairs or the guys waiting at the front and the women walking in alone. Some people do decide order by height, but others find this annoying. If you are doing pairs it is nice to have dating/married couples (if there are any) walk together. Definitely don't have the order be a ranking of your friendship, just ask them to line up with MOHs last and it will work itself out at the rehearsal.How I decided was I let my bridesmaids pick their own style of dresses. MOH and one bridesmaid picked the same style, so since MOH was going last we had my other bridesmaid with the same style dress go first and bridesmaid with different style go in the middle. But I doubt anyone but me really noticed. And yes I would have the MOHs just walk last one after the other.
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