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Bachelorette party- who pays?

I have a slight problem. I am a bridesmaid in a friends wedding. The MOH, who would usually plan the shower and bachelorette party lives extremely far away (think the other side of the country). So I offered to plan the bridal shower which went pretty well and everyone split the costs evenly. It came time to plan the Bachelorette party and no one would do it so again I volunteered to do so. We had set up a FB page so everyone could see what was being planned and give their opinions. So after the party I got the totaled the costs for the brides portion of the activities and because we got a limo (none of us had a car big enough to transport everyone and we were making multiple stops) I included that as well. I split the brides costs and the limo cost between everyone evenly (including those of us who attended and paid our own way). Now the MOH and another bridesmaid are saying that they don't want to pay. I understand that they weren't able to attend but now I'm stuck with the bill. Is it fair that I ask them to pay their part?
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