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I don't have to worry about this for quite a bit of time, but at the moment am trying to get a general idea of cost. I want to make my own invitations and have a question regarding the RSVP cards. Is it tacky to have this card be a postcard to save on the cost of stamps and envelopes?

Re: Response cards

  • No, it's not tacky.. especially depending on the formality of your event.
  • Nope, they're pretty common these days.

    For comparison though, my RSVP envelopes were $0.12 each through an invitation company.  I'm sure you could get cheaper ones if you got them from a stationery store or something.  At 100 invitations, I spent $12 on envelopes - so cutting just the RSVP envelope won't save you a whole lot in the long run.

    You still need a stamp to send an RSVP postcard.
  • That's true. I guess I would save about 15 - 20 cents each on the cost of the stamp, though, which in the long run, won't make that big of a difference.
  • We have post card RSVPs.  They're cheaper and less paper waste.
  • We did postcard RSVPs.  It only saved us $20 in postage (compared to envelopes), but we didn't have to buy envelopes, and also saved on our overall initial invite postage (since we had less paper/RSVP envelopes in there we were able to use $0.44 stamp instead of now $0.64)
  • We're using postcard RSVP cards.  Our wedding is fairly casual and they really fit the vibe we were going for.  We also didn't want to have more paper involved in the invitation than we absolutely needed.
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