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Holy Hangover

Bourbon was a BAD choice.  Definitely paying for it this morning.  FI and I had fun acting like idiots playing guitar hero with one of my BMs and her SO.  A little toooo much fun.  Now digging myself out, making a smoothie and forcing myself into the shower.  If only I could crawl back into bed....

But, our taste testing for the caterer at our reception site is today.  Whoops.  Probably poor etiquette to show up hungover.  Oh well!  At least I won't be tempted to stuff my face.  Hah.


Re: Holy Hangover

  • Brier Creek. We love it. In between both of our jobs. I work in Durham and FI in Cary.
  • Oh okay. There are a bunch of girls on here in the triangle.
  • NC is the place to be! Your poor kitty is adorable in his/her cone of shame by the way. =)
  • Haha that was when she got spayed. She was not a fan of the cone.
  • My beagle Lucy had the cone of shame when she kept scratching open a head injury from a dog attack (not fun! And a freaking expensive vet bill) but she haaaated the cone too. She even refused to walk down stairs with that thing on. Haha
  • I'm so freaking tired. H had a work event last night so it was just me and the dog. I ended up dozing off on the couch around 6 and didn't wake up until he got home around 9:30. I stayed up until about 10:30 and then went back to sleep. I could have kept sleeping this morning too.
  • Early Saturday morning plans should not be allowed. Learned my lesson
  • I'm up for a massage therapist appointment that got rescheduled. It should feel pretty awesome though, so I'm not complaining!

    MIL's bday is the day after mine and a few years ago the H's family came to Louisville to celebrate both of our bdays and go to a winery. Well, I had a little too much fun the night before on my bday and felt like I was going to throw up the whole time at the winery. I've never been so hungover that I couldn't enjoy free wine!
  • Haha that's pretty funny about the winery. Missing out on free wine does suck though. Totally jealous on your massage therapy appointment! Never even had a professional massage. Is it worth the price?
  • Good morning!  I'm up with the dog this morning as usual.  Nothing exciting on my agenda.  I need to do the banking - balance the checkbook/pay some bills.  
     need to send out more resumes.  I got an e-mail from the place I interviewed with about how they like what I bring to the table, but they have another candidate that was already scheduled to come in and they'll keep me posted.  That was not the impression I got when I was there though, so we'll see.  In the meantime I need to keep looking :(.  Sounds like a "we like you, BUT... " situation to me.  Blah.

    I'm finally reading Harry Potter.  I'm on book 3 (in a week).  I want an owl. :).
  • Oh - and I love getting massages.  Love it!
  • Morning!  I'm just heading out the door to work.  SUCKS.  At least I'm only there until 1ish.  But I can't wait to get out of that place.  My senior director just announced he's taking a higher position with the company and one of the candidates to move up into a management position now is a girl who tried to get me fired.  I told H if she gets it, I will be putting in my notice that day.  I'd rather flip burgers and live on Ramen Noodles than work for her.  Good times.

    H works 12-10, though, so I won't be seeing him much today :(

    On a bright note, I should be able to get a nap and work out in this afternoon :)  Just started working out again this week after, like, 6 months off.  It's been painful, but it needed to happen.

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    I was up til 1am doing our taxes. I don't know what bug crawled up my butt that made me want to start them at 11:30pm. As usual, the dogs were up at 7:30. I just finished making breakfast for H and I:

    bacon, Egg, and cheese sandwiches. I found reduced sodium, real bacon in the grocery store so I thought I'd try it out, and put them on the Nature's own bagel thin sandwiches to reduce the bread intake. Turned out pretty tasty if I do say so myself.

    Now I've got to jump in the shower and then we have to go to the urgent care to see about getting Lucas's toenail removed. Remember the one I talked about a couple weeks ago that was infected, got antibiotics, but never followed up with a doctor? yeah, that one. Still bad. WTG H!
  • TR!!!  Good to "see" you.  Sorry bout the work situation.  Hopefully someone else gets it - although you are not in love with your job, if I remember correctly, right?  So it would really just kind of be the straw that breaks the camel's back in that regard?
  • Good morning.  My dogs need to learn that 6:30am is not a good wake up time.  I tried getting them to go back to bed after eating and going out but that didn't work.  At least I have no plans for the next like 6 months so I can nap as much as I want.

    TR good for you getting back into working out!  I need to do that very soon.  Maybe I'll try running later.  I need to check out a gym in the area too.
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  • That's a boy for you MK :).

    I need to call our tax guy to make an appointment to drop stuff off to him.
  • I need to get back to working out as well.  It's been over 3 weeks for me.  But, except for last night (and even last night I did pretty good considering), I've been eating pretty well so the damage is minimal.
  • Well, we're off to the taste testing.  FI just so kindly reminded me the testing includes wine too.  Gag.  Can't.  do.  it.  Guess I'll trust his judgment on that!  Have a good Saturday, everyone.
  • Morning! H is at work but I couldn't fall back to sleep after he left, so here I am! He's only working until 2 or so today so we can hopefully do something fun this afternoon, maybe walk around the beach. MK and Beachie - so fun to meet you ladies yesterday! Also, MK - I use Arnold's Bagel Thins on my egg sandwiches, those are really good too.
  • Our taxes are pretty simple for now so I did mine on Taxact. FI got his direct deposit the other day and it's supposed to be in my hand for wedding stuff so we may have to have a talk before he starts spending it.
  • DNB there's a Your Time 24/7 Fitness in Chesapeake. I'm a member of the one in Yorktown. Have to cancel that though.

    They're pretty reasonable. I think it's like $29.99 a month with a higher initiation fee, or $39.99 a month with a lower one (something like that). I signed up right before the end of the year so I got a great discount.
  • Abbie they were delicious. It was awesome meeting you as well!!! I'm glad you'll get to spend some time with your H today.

    So our tax filing was rejected. Whoops! I had the wrong first number for my social security number. They were returned so I could fix them. Word of advice: No taxes after like 9pm.
  • Yeah, with the house, and some other deductions we had last year, plus the married part we weren't sure if we were better off married filing jointly or married filing single (ended up married filing single oddly enough) so we just had them done.  Then this year with the relocation 401K rollovers, and H's new job he has work related expenses that he saves his receipts for and stuff... We'll just pay our guy to do them.
  • Ooops MK.  At least it's an easy fix.  I used to use TurboTax online when I did them myself.  The first year I had to do them, I had to do them by hand.  With income in 2 states (I worked at school in Ohio and at home in WI those years) so I had to do a federal and two state returns.  It was awful!
  • MK - is the Virginia Beach Town Center nice? Do you have recommendations for nice places to walk around outside?
  • Did you move Abbs or are you on vacation down there?
  • Good morning!  My dog let me sleep until 8:20am, so I'm pretty happy.
  • Loopy, my H is working in Norfolk for 2 weeks and I came down for a long weekend to spend some time with him...except I haven't really seen him much, heh.
  • Abbie I never spent much time at Town Center. Never really got a chance because I was working whenever I was in the area. I know there are shops and things. I would recommed going down towards the water. Like where the Hilton Oceanfront Hotel is. There are some shops and I believe buildings with multiple shops. The beach is there where you can walk around.

    There's also this park called Mount Trashmore (don't laugh it used to be a landfill and they turned it in to this gorgeous walking park type thing). It's in Virginia Beach off of 264 I believe:

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