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Invite pastor's wife to wedding?

The pastor from my fiance's family church will be marrying us at our wedding.  My fiance's family has been attending this church for over 20 years and considers the pastor a family friend.  The pastor's wife is not actively involved in the church, but I believe my fiance's parents have met her several times before.  Does etiquette state that we should invite the pastor's wife to our wedding, even if we don't know her? 


Re: Invite pastor's wife to wedding?

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    I think you should, especially if you plan to invite the pastor to the reception (which I expect you are). They're a social unit, so she should be invited to any events in which he takes part.
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    I agree with opalsky. It's a really nice gesture, and she's right - they're a "unit".
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    Yes.  The pastor needs to be invited to the reception and he's part of a social unit so you in invite them as a couple.
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    Yes, invite her. That goes for any guest. Someone who is married, engaged or in a serious relationship is part of a "social unit" and you must invite his/her significant other even if you don't know them. It's poor etiquette otherwise. The pastor isn't just a vendor here, he's invited as a guest so the wife must be invited as well.
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