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This made my day...

Re: This made my day...

  • Those baby videos are so freaking cute!

    Seeing that we are getting our tax return deposited into our bank account tomorrow made my day. I thought is was going to be way delayed with all this government crap going on.
  • Yay tax return(s)! Boo government "shut down" ... ]: My mom's a CPA and works crazy hours during tax season, but when majority of people leave the office (after 7pm) her coworker brings in her dog so my mom says there's "some" excitement, haha
  • Eeeep! Laughing baby!  I love it!

    We got our federal return the other day. Yay, vacation money!
  • I wish we could take a vacation with our tax return. But unfortunately we need to put it in savings for our move. And to pay bills.
  • Sadly, our vacation isn't for another year. We're saving up for a big Europe trip for April/May 2012. This year's vacation will probably just be somewhere in MO or maybe H's parents' cabin by the lake in KY.
  • Sorry for the threadjack.

    My goal/dream before I die is to visit Europe.
  • I've never been before either. It was on my must-do-before-I-have-babies list. And, we want babies within the next few years, so we're saving up to go next year.
  • Maybe you can make a vacation baby. Lol.
  • That's what my friends have said. :) It's certainly a possibility!
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