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Groom's cake advice?

Okay, so my FMIL is very excited that one of her best friends has offered to make my fiance's grooms cake (this is something that will be expected by our wedding guests). She is giving this as our "wedding present" which I think is really a nice and thoughtful gift we won't ever forget. However, this was decided about six months ago. Our wedding is now only a month and a half away & there has been no more discussion about the grooms cake. Our bakery is incredibly busy in June and when we ordered the wedding cake six months ago we told them we didn't need a grooms cake, so I'm not sure they could still do it.

Should I mention it or just let it ride until later? At what point do I make other arrangements? Thanks!

As a side note, my FMIL's friend lives two hours from the reception venue. Will a cake make it this far in a hot June summer in Louisiana?

Re: Groom's cake advice?

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    It's definitely fine that you bring it up, she offered after all! You could just ask your FMIL something along the lines of "So have you heard anything else about the groom's cake? We are so excited to see it, we can't wait!"

    Then if she gives you any reason to believe that her friend is no longer making Fi's groom's cake, call your baker ASAP.
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    I think you can ask once...but make contingent plans.  What design are you getting?
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    Is it sad that am I actually worrying this much about this? Ah!

    Well, FMIL is the one who has done the talking. I only see her friend a couple times a year. We're definitely not close enough for me to call her and ask about this.

    I just sort of feel bratty asking about something someone is doing for me. I realize that if she is baking the cake that a month and half is PLENTY of time to plan and such. I would just feel better if the planning could start now so I don't have to do this in the week before the wedding when everything else is going on-- or worse have to find some other bakery to do it!

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    With the way you've described everything, there would be nothing at all wrong with bringing it up.  When you get into the last 6 weeks, or so, you need to know that everything is running smoothly and if you need to start instituting any back-up plans.  Any reasonable person would understand that, especially when they made the offer.

    As for the transporting of the cake - the best bet would be to use a good mini-van with excellent air conditioning.  Secure the cake in the back and surround it with something to prevent movement.

    Good luck and congratulations!
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    It's acalled a "groom's" cake.   Just remind the groom to ask him mom about it soon, and let them handle it.

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