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Fathers and Step-Fathers

I have been fortunate enough to have step parents that are a big part of my life.  In planning for the wedding I tried to find a way to incorporate all of my parents in the wedding.  My mother is deceased so my step-mother has performed most of the "Mother of the Bride" roles and it has been nice.  Keeping this in mind I thought my "Dads" could do the same.
I would like to have my father and step-father share the role of walking me down the aisle.  I thought my step-dad could walk me half way and my dad could walk me the rest of the way to perform the traditional "giving of the bride."  
My dad is not happy about this and would rather not share the role.  I am really at a loss for what to do.  My parents have been divorced for over 22 years and I don't see why there is a problem.  What should I do?
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