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Being a grown up is crazy.


Re: Being a grown up is crazy.

  • Move to Canada.  No medical bill for you!  Well just ambulance bills. 

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    "This post is seriously retarded." -Stackeye210
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  • I hate having to call the cops on the dumbsasss 12 year olds that are beating the crap out of the signs outside my building when they live in the building next door.  Not to mention, they do this at 9 PM when people are still pretty active and awake and aware of what is going on.

    At 12, I was home in BED at 9 PM!!!

    Anyway, it makes me feel like an old fart calling the cops on kids.  No, I don't call 911, but I call the non-emergency number and report the destruction of property and loitering.
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