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Why register for all that crap china!

And cash! Cash is so 2009!

It's 2010, just send it right to my debtors!
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Re: Why register for all that crap china!

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    OMG.... please say it isn't so.

    What differentiates an average host and a great host is anticipating unexpressed needs and wants of their guests.  Just because the want/need is not expressed, doesn't mean it wouldn't be appreciated. 
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    from the comments section in the link:


    As if people getting married aren't obnoxious enough, now they have a place where they can essentially say: "Even though we are spending thousands of dollars for our 'friends' to share our special day while eating rubbery chicken Kiev amidst the strains of 'Come on Eileen,' we'd like you to pay off our debt from previous bad financial decisions in lieu of an espresso maker."

    If you have so much debt that you need to beg your friends and family for money under the guise of "gifts," then you shouldn't be getting married or having children anyway.

    (Obviously I'm excluding couples who marry in quiet, small ceremonies or via a justice of the peace. I'm talking about Bridezillas and their ilk.)"


    please tell me this is one of you. I applaud whoever typed that.


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    Oh FFS.  It's just a matter of time before this shows up on Registry & Gifts.
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    Jesus, Mary, and Joseph, FFS, NO! There are people who commented and thought this was a good idea.
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    That is ricockulous. RiCOCKulous I say.
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    Verucalise(countingcalories) sounds like one of those condensending, holier-than-thou heifers that you want to punch square in the vag.  Seriously, "I feel better giving people money when I know it's going towards their bills?"  It's none of your damn business where the money is going.  OMFG what a giant twatwaffle.

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    Oh, and who wants to list out what bills they need paid for all their family and friends?? My financial situation is none of their damn business!
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    SarahPLizSarahPLiz member
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    And if you don't trust them enough to give them cash, that you think you need to pay 5.9% of your gift to the company to hold their hand and make them fiscally responsible, then perhaps you shouldn't be supporting their marriage.

    Heck, if someone wants to pay my cable bill, I'll just give them the account number and skip the whole 5.9% ripoff. But still, how is it any of my family and friends business what my bills are?

    This is really just going to further the push to make wedding= fundraiser instead of = ceremony of commitment and joy
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    W....o.....w.   :o|
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