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want to know about your face.  No, for real.  Mine's drier than the Sahara, and has been since I was about 16.  Somehow, now that I'm KU, I'm getting breakouts anyway, but they're not like teenager pimples.  They're just red, inflamed spots - and they itch.  It's more like mystery scabs popping up than zits, if that makes any sense.  I don't understand this at all.    It's driving me batty.  (Yeah, yeah, yeah - short trip.)

So.  What's your face's deal, and what cleanser/moisturizer/concealer/foundation/etc. do you use on it?

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Re: Inquiring minds

  • squirrly - i stopped using face cleansers when i was pregnant, because i read somewhere that you weren't supposed to.. maybe it was a myth, not sure.. but it seemed to improve my skin..

    maybe what you're using now isn't reacting too well because of pregnancy hormones?

    now i just use a light moisturizer, nivea... because my skin gets dry in the winter
  • I have a pretty (what I think) normal face. It gets oily (but not super) in my t-zone. I usually just use Clean&Clear foaming face wash in the shower. I use L'Oreal Bare Essentuals face powder, no liquid concealer.
  • I use MaryKay's cleanser every, but only use the moisturizer when my skin gets really dry, which is basically all winter long and a few other random times during the rest of the year.
  • Xyrius, the dryness is the same as normal.  And, I really only use cleanser when I'm in the shower.  Everything I have is either Aveeno or Neutrogena for sensitive or dry skin - none of the no no products at all. 

    I have some Clinique toner somewhere, but I haven't used it since we moved. 

    The best lotion I ever had was from Bath & Body Works, actually - one of their specialty lines.  Milk Thistle.  But they stopped making it.  I stocked up for a while, but that was in 2004 or 2005, and I've been out for awhile. 

    Right now, I think my lotion is Aveeno Extra Moisturizing for Sensitive Skin with Oatmeal extracts.  I'm pretty sure I could use Crisco, though, with no change. 
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  • I've recently fallen in love with Garnier Nutrioniste Skin Renew. They have a little scrubber brush with gel in the bottle that you squeeze out. It's a really gentle exfoliant. I would check the ingredients against the "No" list above. I do know it contains a bit of salicyclic acid but I'm not sure if it's under the 2% line. It's not an acne targeted product, so I would guess no, but you'd probably want to research that.

    I use the scrub nightly and then follow up with my moisturizer. Nivea lotions are really nice. Don't use the "fast absorbing" moisturizers. They contain alcohol and it just evaporates off your skin, drying it out more, hence the "fast absorption".

    Not sure if that's any help at all, but there ya go.
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  • I use a bunch of different products, but my favs are my Clinique face soap (just the bar, cheap but works really well), St. Ives Green Tea scrub (LOVE), Emmence strawberry-rhubarb scrub (LOVE), emmence toner (LOVE), estee lauder perfectionist (this is super-moisturizing w/o making you oily, LOVE), estee lauder tinted moisturizer (LOVE).

    I really should have been a dermatologist instead of a radiologist I think somedays, I love skin care..haha
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  • I had a REALLY bad time last winter with dry skin.  My entire face flaked and got itchy and painful, and felt like the skin on it was stretching.  I would apply moisturizer and it would just suck itself right in within minutes, like it had never been there before.

    My doctor advised me to take lukewarm showers instead of hot (I know, it sucked royally, but it did help) and to wash my face as little as possible, and only to use unscented, gentle soap (like Dove beauty bars) instead of harsher soaps or scented body washes.  Scented soaps can dry out the skin.  She also told me to steer clear of any makeup or anything else on my face.

    Now I still hardly ever wear makeup, but I do moisturize with an unscented Neutragena moisturizer daily (right after my shower) and try to keep from using water that is too hot on my face.

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  • Interesting, I like the Oil of Olay Regenerist stuff.  It's amazing, and there's alot of buzz about it and how well it works.

    If you're not above paying a bit extra, my mom, who has super sensitive/dry skin (and also used to love the Milk Thistle!) really likes Origins stuff.  So. Great.
  • I have been fragrance free for a while and it has really helped. I hope it stays that way throughout this pregnancy. 

    I use Cetaphil (or the generic) skin wash. The face wash has fragrance. I also use the Cetaphil moisturizer. Its very gentle and people use it on babies, so I figure its safe for me too. To me, gentle is better. If I use scrubs or harsh cleansers it actually makes my skin worse, especially when its dry. 
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  • Oh, and?  I've actually heard that putting honey on your face as a mask is a great humectant and anti-bacterial.
  • baystate is completely right - wash with lukewarm water, stay away from scented thing and moisturizing within 2 minutes of drying off is key (otherwise your skin gets dried out). Cetaphil is the dermatologists go-to product for moisturizing, it really does work and while expensive it lasts a LONG time.
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  • Everything baystate said. 

    I also splurged last year on a facial moisturizer:

    I've tried a lot of stuff and it's the only thing that keeps my face from being scaly in the dry winter air up here.
  • I have extremely dry skin. i've been to the derm numerous times and they always give me scripts and nothing has worked for me. I have to also add that I was always under the impression that pimples go away post-puberty and I'm sad to find out that's not true. Last week I felt like I was 13 again!!! WTF!

    Anyway, the past couple of months I've been using Lubriderm intense skin repair for extremely dry skin {from Target, gorcery store, etc... super cheap}, but its been working REALLY well. My skin doesn't HURT anymore from being so dry!

    And yeah pp's are soooo true, I don't wear perfume nearly as often and that really works!

  • Ugh, I'm jealous of all you guys with non-oily skin.  I HAVE to use a face wash and toner with salicyclic acid, otherwise, I look like I'm in puberty again.  I use an Olay facial scrub and the Clinique Acne Solutions toner.  I top it off with the Clinique yellow lotion, especially in the winter, since, despite my oil, the area right around my mouth does get a little dry.

    I also have to wear both liquid foundation and powder.  I use the Clinique Acne Solutions foundation (that also contains salicyclic acid) with one of their mattifying powders on top.  And then I still usually have to dab oil off my face by 3pm.

    Stupid mediterranean genes.
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  • I was looking at trying the nutrasonic cleansing system, has anyone used it? I am not sure how it would work with breakouts, but it's apparently it's as good as a facial, but I wouldn't know, I've never had one.
  • broccoli, I have oily skin and still had breakouts at age 30, like really bad ones, until I went to an allergist and found out what foods I needed to avoid. Combined with going fragrance free, the inflammation really went down, and even though my face is still oily, it doesn't break out as much. The gentle cleansers actually help reduce the oil production because they aren't stripping your face. 
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  • I have pretty good skin, but it has been getting dry in the colder air, so I have backed off the astringent. Usually I use the line of Biore products; cleanser, astringent and then the Garnier Nutriste face lotion with SPF. It works really well and doesn't break my skin out. I have somewhat sensitive skin.

    I use Neutrogena Tinted Moisturizer for foundation. I also use their concealer bc it has eye creme in it, too.
  • I don't use soap on my face and use Garnier Nutritioniste skin renew moisturizer (with SPF).  I also run my vaporizer and humidifier in the winter 24/7 to keep the humidity in the house at a healthy level.  That seems to help a lot with my dry skin issues in the winter months.
  • it sounds like your skin needs balance, and the best way to do that is restore it's Ph level.  start with a moisturizing toner (bliss or aveda make great ones) that help  your skin fabsorb face lotion better.

    then apply an oil free moisturizer (my personal fave is clinique dramatically different moisturizing gel) so you won't risk clogged pores since dry skin can actually cause breakouts too!  If oil-free isn't enough, i love philosophys 'hope in a jar', although its crazzzzzy expensive.

    do you have a sephora around you?  they give samples so you can test out stuff for a few days at a time.

    hope this helps!
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    I have overall really dry skin and then oily T-zone during the day. I also get adult acne (yay).

    I've found that the Cetaphil Moisturizer Cream (in a tub) is really great at night for my skin in the winter. It's pretty thick, but doesn't leave any oily residue. I use that at night and I use the Cetaphil Dry Skin Moisurizer during the day. They have been the best at fighting my really dry skin that is prone to eczema, etc.

    I also use Olay 7 step something or another for acne prone skin. I use that at night and St. Ives scrub in the shower in the morning.

    I just bought a Clarisonic, but have only used it for a few days. It makes my face feel nice afterwards though!

    ETA: I also found that mineral makeup is the only makeup that won't cause breakouts for me anymore. It's done a LOT for my skin.
  • I use Biore dual fusion. It's a light moisturizer and SPF. It's super non-greasy and has never made me break out.
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  • In Response to <a href="">Re: Inquiring minds</a>:
    [QUOTE]IETA: I also found that mineral makeup is the only makeup that won't cause breakouts for me anymore. It's done a LOT for my skin.
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  • I'm in your boat Squirrly. My face has always been dry but now it's having crazy break-outs as well. Whatever happened to the pregnant glow people talk about?

    Prior to the pregnancy I found that using one line of products helped drastically (advice I got from here I believe). I was doing all Neutragena and it cleared up my face nicely, until hormones went weeeeeee.

    I do love Fresh Farmacy from Lush as far as face products go as well. It seemed to tighten my face just enough that it felt fresh and clean. I need to buy more of that...
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    I also recommend Cetaphil (the gentle cleanser for sensitive skin, the other cleanser is too harsh). I find their moisturizer a little heavy, so I use it very sparingly, but it doesn't sting like some kinds do.

    My face simply hates me and I've been battling adult acne since I was 26. I use Retin-A every night, so it leaves me with dry skin that is oily by the afternoon. I only wear foundation for special occasions because it feels gross after a few hours. When the acne was really bad, I'd use Urban Decay mineral makeup, but it makes my pores look larger. I just purchased Laura Mercier oil-free foundation, and it's not bad. It's light and takes awhile before it starts to feel icky.
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  • I had perfect skin til I got pregnant.  I had the same type of nasty, red shiit on my face while pregnant but it just cleared up on its own a few months after DD was born.

    I use clinque cleansers and lotion now.
  • I have a really hard time with dry skin and I have been using Mark Kay's mosturizing lotion and I love love love it!! My skin is not dry at all anymore. I have also recently started using Jordan essentials and they have the best lotion ever.
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  • You might get checked for allergies, I was having the same problems with itchy bumps on my face and neck,  and my doctor sent me for allergy testing. Come to find out i'm allergic to nuts, all nuts. Since finding this out, i take daily medication and the itchy bumps have stopped. Still have all the other skin problems, but not this any more.
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