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Marine wedding

My fiance is a Marine and we are planning on having a Marine themed wedding and are looking for decorations and ideas for the wedding. Is anyone else having a military wedding or know where you can find items for a military wedding?

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    i'm marrying a marine as well in 2011, he's away right now =( i was so undecided i wanted a military style wedding as well but after much searching there wasn't much to do except the colors which will now be red and gold. but it doesn't have to match like it's been said but it would like nice to have the decor match the blues :) there is the cake topper of the marine. this is the cutest one i found, it's just so sweet! lol.. but i'm sure there are others i've seen you can just google it. maybe you would like to incorporate the EGA somehow? like on the stationary... also you can incorporate things from the ball like the challenge coins? maybe play around with the idea and create something more ideal for the wedding. and the arch of sabers would be amazingg!! i would love that but the wedding is in nyc and he's stationed in texas... not sure how practical, even probable that at least 6 of his marine buddies would make it.. but anyway! hope this helped and good luck with the planning! :)
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