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Recommend your camera

It's getting to be that time. My camera is 4 years old, and still in great condition, but doesn't take fantastic pictures. I'm willing to invest a bit of money to get a great camera. So, whadaya got?

Re: Recommend your camera

  • We have a Nikon D40 if you're looking for a SLR camera.  It's really easy to operate and takes great pictures.  It is bulky if you're looking for something small to throw in your purse, it's probably not a great choice.  I honestly don't know how much they run - I broke our old camera by tripping over a curb, and we had bought the warranty so it was essentially free.
  • Canon all the way !
  • I am a cannon person.  We had a rebel, we have a 7d now.  I also have a sd 780is.  But most cameras are pretty good now.  I would go for something with is ( image stabilization)  Also you want a higher optical zoom than digital zoom.  Less grainy pictures.   Cannon and Nikon are two top in cameras in my opinion.  Most professionals have one of those 2 brands .
  • do you want a point and shoot or an SLR?

    i'm a canon girl and have several that i love...
  • I LOVE my Nikon D90 but as kellyjellybelly mentioned about her camera it is very bulky. However it does take amazing photos and has been awesome! For a photo geek like me it is worth the extra bulk.
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  • My Canon Powershot is excellent :) I've had it for a year and I will never buy anything other than a Canon.
  • I've had a Canon Powershot that I love, but it get wet on a boat and stopped working.  The camera was amazing though and took great pictures, but as PP's said it was a little bulky.  There are so many slim cameras now that fit in small purses that a big camera seems like a pain.  I just bought a new Samsung camera the other day that has a front LCD screen as well for self-pics and such.  Haven't really gotten to use it yet but I'm excited for it.
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