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Question you guys will know

When listing people in my program, I have a sister in law, and a step sister of the groom... do I just list sister of the bride, or do I put sister in law of the bride? Do I put step sister of the groom or just sister of the groom? TIA

Re: Question you guys will know

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    I only listed folks in the wedding party. So if they're part of that put them in.

    I also didn't bother listing relationships in the program. But if you do, I'd check with FI about his family dynamic. I don't like the term "step sister" but maybe other people don't mind...if it's ambiguous though, I'd just skip it. Folks don't need your family tree to enjoy your wedding IMO.
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    They are in the wedding. We are going to list relationship to us next to bridesmaids... I just wasn't sure if etiquette states to list full relationship, or if just sister will work, regardless of how they became a sister
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    Yeah, I don't think there's a strict etiquette on inclination would be to list SIL as such and list step-sister as "sister" but other folks may do it differently.
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    I think I did SIL, but you can double check that in my bio.  If I didn't have room, I would have shortened it.

    As much as I love my SIL, I feel weird calling her my sister because...she's not.  She's married to my bro and I think it's much more clear saying SIL.
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    I wanted to do SIL and then sister to groom for step sister, but wasn't sure how it would be taken if I list one out, and shorten the other. Since there is no etiquette on it, I'll just do it that way.

    Thanks :-)
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    I just listed names.  Our guest list was small enough, and our WP was just our kids + DH's best friend, that everyone pretty well knew who was who relationship-wise.  A few people asked about parents and ILs. 
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