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Bar at the Reception?

Hi everyone, Im new to this site, but I need major help.  I am struggling to decide about having a bar at my reception.
My fiance and I are getting married in Vegas this October, and the reception is being held in a semi private room at Lago at Ceasers Palace.
I dont want to have an open bar, because it is too pricey, and I dont want to have a cash bar either.  My mom suggested that we have a champaigne reception, where only champaign is served, with coffee, water and soft drinks.  But then I worry, what if someone wants a cocktail or beer?  
So confused as to what to do!

Re: Bar at the Reception?

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    Personally, I'd do wine and beer only before champagne only, but I don't like champagne... 
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    I love champagne, but I think hosting beer and wine is a better option.  It's cheaper than all alcohol but still offers everyone a choice in beverage.
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    I would find it strange to attend a wedding in Vegas at Ceasers Palace and not have an open bar. I think all receptions should have an open bar. Its part of being a good host.
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    I think everyone would agree that a cash bar is better than no bar.
    I had a cash bar and it was fabulous
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    Ditto Zitti! We have a lot of great brides who can help with Vegas :)
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    I would have thought serving champagne all night (unless you're talking only the toast?) would actually be a lot more expensive. My suggestion is beer and house wine, with or without a signature cocktail and champagne for the toast.
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    Evening event?  Beer and wine only is a good choice.
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    I agree that I would do beer and wine over champagne.
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    I think champagne is being posed as an option because Lago is a buffet, and most of the buffets offer unlimted champagne for an additional $5-$10 (although, I've only seen that a brunch...not sure if the reception is a brunch reception)

    If it is a brunch reception, I would offer the champagne.  If its an evening reception, I would look into some sort of bar option - even if its a cash bar.  But I agree with the others, beer and wine would probably be the best bet to keep your guests happy and the price affordable.
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    As all pp have stated, beer and wine would probably be a better option than just champagne.  I could sip it all night, but I know some people would rather have a beer.
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    Beer and Wine, I've been to a couple of these and never heard anyone complain that they couldn't get anything else. 
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    I agree with navybaby1113, I would do beer and wine over champagne
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    [QUOTE]I think everyone would agree that a cash bar is better than no bar. I had a cash bar and it was fabulous
    Posted by kkchisholm[/QUOTE]

    not based on the posts i have seen on theknot. many think hosting beer/wine or dry is better than asking your guests to pay for anything.
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