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Children at Wedding??

SO this is kind of a follow up post to my last one but for those of you who did read here is a backup sotry...We are only allowed 200 people and it is the same price for adults and children. I tried writing adult only reception on our website but my future MIL informed me that there are several people in her immediate family who will not come if their children arent invited. My fiance really would like all his first cousins to be there so I dont want them to not show if their children cant come but if we allow all of them to bring their children that will make about 10-12 small children. Which would be fine but I feel like thats a lot of kids at our ceremony. Also is it rude to allow them to bring their children since they "ARE FAMILY" and not allow poeple we are friends with to bring theirs.

i want to do what is right but not if that means having 40 of the 200 people be small children.
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