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xp: spray tans

Posted on wb but figured I'd post here because this board gets more traffic:

I used to semiregularly do mystic tan several years ago. Overall, I was satisfied but sometimes it would come out better than others I'm sure my fault. I think it was good enough for a night out but not necessarily my wedding.

Has anyone here done versaspa? There is a tanning place near me that says its better but I take their sales pitch with a grain of salt. It's more expensive than mystic and there is an optional prep spray and moisturizer which is another ten bucks or so. I am going to try the versa today but not sure if the prep step or moisturizer is worth it if you've done it opinions? My epics are tomorrow so I don't want to look streaky or like an oompa loompa.

I am blonde and somewhat fair. Although my skin does tan nicely I wear sunscreen daily so I'm pretty pale.


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    I personally use the versa spa when I do get a spray tan, and done it with the extra prep stuff and never had a problem with streaks.  I am also blonde and fair (very fair actually) and don't tan nicely, and it turns out pretty good on me.  I like the results of the level one tan, without bronzer (I think the bronzer just makes a big giant mess on me. And I get it all over my clothes, no matter what I do. lol).  I had one mystic tan once and I didn't like it, because I turned out streaky orange, so I am a little biased.

    Hope that helps.

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    I am blonde & fair skinned & the Versaspa looks so much more natural on me than the Mystic.  I've never had another Mystic after my first Versaspa. I've always done all 3 steps (that's the only way it's offered here), so I don't really know if they're worth the extra $.  Just make sure to shave & exfoliate before going & you shouldn't be streaky. Go heavy on the barrier cream on your cuticles so they look nice for your e-pics :)
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