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nothing like a wedding to bring out the worst in ppl.....

So FI and I are getting married on NYE. When we got engaged last October I made a point of calling all my OOT family members to share the great news and notify them of the date.
FI and I are paying for the wedding in full by ourselves, so there are some major budget concerns. However, as per Etiquette I have invited all my first cousins (the youngest one is 17), family etc and our nephew, however our reception stands as ADULTS only, I have had numerous nasty messages from one of my cousins who's children would be 4 and 1.5 at the time of our wedding - telling me how rude it is not to include family. I explained to her that I was trying to accomdate as many ppl as we could considering our budget. Many of our friends have children as well (friends in our wedding party have 10 children amongst them all of whom are not invited) She told me I should just invite families children, not our friends children, the point is some of our friends kids are more like family than some of my OOT cousins' kids are. And we had decided from the get go, we just can't afford to pay $100 a plate for children. No my other cousin (related to the one with the kids) is refusing to come to the wedding as well... no biggie... except... she had already agreed to be our MC. She states she "just realized" NYE is in the winter... and there's snow.... *sigh* seriously.
Now the whole situation has caused a major rift between my family. Aunts and Uncles are turning on each other and the cousin with the issue is having an open house and purposefully not inviting my family (mom & dad).
 How can I just make all of this go away without breaking my budget?
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