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Hi ladies! i just threw together a lasagna that I want to bake tonight.  I know we've discussed lasagna on here before, but did we ever discuss what would happen if someone used straight cream cheese instead of the ricotta/egg mixture.  I don't want to go to the store and all I have is cream cheese, mozzarella, beef and tomato sauce.

Re: Lasagna!

  • I have no idea. So I'm no help. 

  • I learnt to make lasagna from Italians, so that's blasphemy to them.  I'm no help either!
  • I would never make lasagna with cream cheese.

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  • Hmmm....okay.  It seems the consensus is it's either a bad idea or NOT something that is commonly subbed because no one has heard of it.  I will have to drag myself to the store. =( 
  • Sorry NOLA.  I don't think cream cheese is any way similar in flavor or texture to ricotta or cottage. :(
  • I have had it with cream cheese. It's not anywhere near as good. Don't ruin your lasagna with it!
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  • Sorry, late but I really wouldn't try it
  • Do you have butter, milk and flour at home?  You could make a bechamel sauce and use that instead of the ricotta layer, make more of a lasagna bolognese.
  • Yeah, I agree with everyone that cream cheese is not a good idea. I would just go buy ricotta
  • I've only had it with either cottage cheese or ricotta cheese, never with Cream Cheese. I'm thinking you'll get a completely different taste than you might be expecting. It maybe really good but I think it will be different.

    I also have a receipt that uses a cooked cheese sauce and a tomato/meat sauce. It takes a little bit more time to make but it is fabulous. Mine calls for cheese in it. We like a lot of cheese so I double this recipe:

    In large sauce pan, cook 1 small chopped onion, 4 tbsp margarine.

    Cook until onion is tender

    add 3 tbsp flour, ¾ cup grated parmesan cheese (large can), ¼ tsp salt.

    Mix them and add 2 cup milk.

    Cook until thick

    Have 2 beaten egg yolks ready, add a little hot cheese sauce to eggs.

     then combine eggs in to large sauce pan with cheese.

            cook and stir 10 minutes

    Alternate layers of pasta, tomato/meat sauce and cheese, ending with cheese as the top layer.

    I have other quick lasagna recipes that I also use but this is really good.
  • Thanks for all the suggestions ladies! My lazier side prevailed and I used the cream cheese. It actually turned out really tasty. More tangy and dense than a regular lasagna, but not bad at all. =) 
  • Well I'm glad it turned out ok for you!
  • I have heard of using cream cheese before, my roomie in college used to and from what I remember it was pretty yummy
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