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We have an engagement party for my niece on Friday. I have never been to one so I am just courious if we are to get them an gift and what kind of gift?


Re: Engagement Party

  • Gifts are not necessary, but I think a bottle of wine or a gift card for a night out sounds great!
  • We haven't had one, but we've been receiving engagement gifts. I know that when we saw some family friends about a month after we got engaged that one guest, the matriarch of her family, gave me our engagement gift in private because if her daughters thought the casual gathering was an "engagement party" they would be mortified to be empty-handed. She was very clear in "Do NOT tell xxxxx or xxxxxx that I brought something!" 

    That leads me to assume that to some people, an engagement party is a gift-giving occasion. Whatever you decide though, I'm sure your niece will appreciate the thought and time you spent to bring something with you to her party. 
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  • I think it depends on the event... My family is from NY and NJ too, we tend to go bigger. My aunts and uncles gave me $250 each and then a token present from their kids (little kids) like wine glasses, or cake knives, etc. My fiance's side tended to give wine. I think wine is a little weird because it was hosted in a catering hall- not in someone's house and we had an open bar. Usually I give wine at a party, when I think it will be served.. but whatever- depends on your circle I guess
  • At our E-Party people mostly gave us wine and champagne.  One couple gave us a cute photo frame which was very nice as well. I would keep it simple.
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