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Wearing Beige to a wedding as a guest

Hi all. I'm not new here, I've been perusing the boards for awhile, but I have a situaiton that I am curious about. 
 I am getting married in 16 days and my future mother-in-law wants to wear a beige dress to the wedding. I will be wearing ivory. Normally, I'm not into traditions and all that jazz, but I admit I am a bit peeved at this. I don't know if it is a dark color or light color as she says she cannot e-mail me a picture. So here is my question, am I making too much of a big deal out of this? She is traveling across half the world to our wedding which makes me want to just say, "Screw it, it's fine," but I also feel like it's a bit rude. What is everyone's opinion about this?
 P.S. I met her once before (like I said, we live halfway across the world, so hard to see each other on a regular basis)...and we got along fine. I don't want to ruin our future relationship either. 

Re: Wearing Beige to a wedding as a guest

  • I wouldn't make it a big deal, personally. My mom & my ex-MIL both wore dresses in ivory/beige/champagne shades, and it made for very pretty pictures. It's not like anyone's going to mistake them for the bride.
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    Meh - I'd tell her to wear whatever she wants to wear.  I wouldn't make a big deal out of it.  I don't even remember what my MIL wore.
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    There is the school of thought that the MOG should wear beige and shut up.  I wouldn't give it any more thought.
  • imo, it would depend on just how light the beige is.

    If it's ivory or bordering on ivory, people will think poorly of her, not you.  You can't control what anyone outside of your bridal party wears.


  • I think it'd be fine, sometimes its not worth risking a fight
  • My FMIL is wearing an ivory dress with goldish thread through it. At first I was kind of surprised she'd wear ivory, but she was SO excited telling me about it and was really happy to have found a great dress, so I just got over it. 

    No one is going to mistake your FMIL for the bride, so it's not too much of a problem :)
  • I don't really see the problem with this. I would say just let it go and allow her to wear whatever she'd like.
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  • I don't think it's a battle worth having. I can understand being frustrated if it ends up being a really close color to ivory, but people will look at her poorly, not you. I just don't think it's worth a possible fight.

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  • Unless she plans to wear a white beaded ballgown, I'd let this one go. No one will confuse her as the bride.
  • I think you should just let it go. She probably wasn't thinking it would be a problem. Plus, people dont' really pay attention to the whole taboo colors thing. I wore a black dress to my cousins wedding without realising it. It just looked really good on me. I don't think anyone noticed.
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    [QUOTE]ACDC!! (That's the nickname I thought up at work today for you Achi) I love your picture!!  You guys are adorable.
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    Aw, thanks! It's my favourite of all our e-pics.
  • I told everyone just to wear whatever was in their closet and what makes them comfortable.  I didn't want them to go out and buy new clothes just for the wedding (my 3rd and his 2nd). So my FMIL is planning to wear sweats. She's an introvert, so I'm very grateful that she is willing to attend the wedding, so I'm biting my tongue big time..Its called compromise Tongue Out Maybe I can use Mothers Day as a disguise for buying her slacks and a blouse..
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    [QUOTE]There is the school of thought that the MOG should wear beige and shut up.  I wouldn't give it any more thought.
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    There's actually a book by the title, too.
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  • I think it's fine.  Diane Keaton wore beige in Father of the Bride and I thought it looked terrific. 
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