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North Carolina

Guest list

I'm trying to figure out the best way to manage our guest list. I do like the one on TK since it has A/B list, # of guests AND # of invites, etc. I just think it might be easier to have a spreadsheet to make accessibility a little easier. I'm still not sure how I would set it up though. What did you find most useful? TIA

Re: Guest list

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    I exported TK's checklist/budget/payment tracker, etc. into an excel file. I created a new tab for guestlist. I have it broken down like this:A. assigned number - I later used this number to number my RSVP cards for tracking. B. formal name - you'll need this for addressing invitationsC. Relation to bride/groomD. # InvitedE. # AttendingF. Invited to Rehearsal DinnerG. Invited to Bridal ShowerEtc.From there, I organized those people into buckets - I may have at one time had A's, B's and C's, but my spreadsheet no longer reflects any of that. It's organized my family first, FI's family second, my friends, my parents friends, Fi's friends and then coworkers.It helps me mentally think through everything.
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  • krispychikinkrispychikin member
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    Wedding wire has a nice guest list feature that then can be imported directly into a GREAT seating chart feature - I'd recommend checking that out.
  • jlindsey923jlindsey923 member
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    I went ahead and did made a chart of the people I KNOW will come.. family, close friends what not, for chris' book. I just simply drew 10 Circles to represent each table, and wrote in which order they should sit. as far as, table placement IDK. HTH
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    I have a spread sheet in excel.  I have names, addresses, and number in party.  I've also broken the numbers of guests down into drinkers, adults, kids 6-11, and kids 5 or under so i can calculate cost for food.  And I have different colors for assumptions I've made about people coming or not coming.  I can email it to you if you like.  Email me jessicadaniel09 at gmail dot com and I'll send it if you want.
  • JemmessicaJemmessica member
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    I started out on TK but quickly learned that I'd rather do my own.Mine has the columns listed with names and addresses, and then the blocks out from them are color coated with if they are children, if they drink, if they drink wine, if they drink beer, if they drink both. The names are also color coated blue for him and yellow for me....I'll be glad to send you mine!
  • wlfpkbridewlfpkbride member
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    Jemmessica that would be great! My e-mail is matthewsk1216 at gmail dot com.
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