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Registry on Invites

Hi All-

I was under the impression that it was HIGHLY against etiquette to include registry information on wedding invitations (or any other stationary for that matter...unless for showers). In the last 2 weeks I have received 3 different wedding invitations, all of which included registry information on the "Accommodations" card. 

I'm confused....Is this considered legitimate because it's on a separate accommodation card and not the invite itself? Or because the cards are collectively packaged together, is this still a faux pas? My initial reaction was "Whoa, not good," but then I started to think it was a weird coincidence that all 3 invitations had done the same thing. 

What do you think? 
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Re: Registry on Invites

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    If the couple insists on including registry info, it should be put on the website and the website address can be put on the accommodations card.
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    Nope - no registry information anywhere near a wedding invitation.  Yikes.
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    "Proper etiquette" and "common" are two different things, unfortunately. 

    I think it's very common for this to happen, but it's not appropriate.
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    Regardless of what other brides do, it is not proper etiquette to have a registry mentioned anywhere on the invitations or on anything else that goes inside the invite envelope.
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    Nope, it may done more and more these days but it's still not proper etiquette to put registry inforomation in the invitation directly.  As PP said, list your website and put the registry info on your website on an FAQ page or something.
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    FI says I was being too judgmental, but we just received an invite to his friend's wedding, that not only had the registry information on it, but when I went on their website/registries, they are asking for gc/cash. When I stated that it was not only not proper etiquette to include this info as it makes you look gift grabby, but also that it can definitely offend people to ask for cash/gc, his response was that I spend too much time on TK. Sorry, but I'm not putting going to extend the convenience of registry info on the invite to sacrifice etiquette and not offending our guests. Undecided
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    My BIL and his wife did this.  When C showed a proof of the invitation to his parents last weekend when we were visiting, his SIL piped up and told us that I had forgotten the registry information.  When I told her that it was not proper etiquette - she told me that I was a "big fat liar" and to check my sources.  I don't think that she liked it when I laughed in her face.  

    I showed her TK website (I forget where) that spoke about and she threw a hissy fit that ALL of the TK is a "bunch of big fat liars".

    Thank you for being my proper etiquette sources!  
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    I must be a really big fat liar! Lol.

    I am including the wedding website on accomodation cards and if you go to the link on the wedding website THEN you can find registry info. Google is also pretty good at helping find registry info. It is SO tacky that people are putting that on their invites and on top of that asking for GC and cash.

    Invites should have a welcome note including hosting info, name of the couple, date/time and location.
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    Thank you for clarifying this! I agree you can include it on your website, but it is way tacky on the invites themselves. 

    Mrs.B6302007: Thank you! Laughing
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