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Ignore this! - Sorry, double post

Hey everyone,

We're 4 weeks out from our wedding, and had done so well with parents/in-laws up until now.  Disagreeing was inevitable, I guess, so on with the venting!

We're getting married at a very touristy area 30 mins from where FI and I and our parents all live.  FI and I are staying in a hotel that night, because we have a roommate and would like to have some alone time before the honeymoon.  It's an afternoon wedding that will be all wrapped up by 7:00pm.  His parents have decided that they'd rather have a hotel room for that night than drive home (although FFIL doesn't drink).  When FMIL and I were in the area looking at the ceremony and reception sites, she asked if our hotel was nearby, and I pointed it out as we passed by.  They have since booked a room there for our wedding night.  It's a tiny hotel with only about 10 cottages.  They also asked FI about getting dinner together on our wedding night, since we're having a late lunch at our reception and will need to get food again later on.  I feel so selfi Even if we turn down dinner plans, I'd rather not have to follow them back to our hotel that night and end up chatting in the parking lot for another hour when we just want to hang out alone and relax. 

I would never have the guts to ask them to look into staying at a different hotel, but how can we make it clear that we'd rather not hang out that evening or the next morning before we leave for the HM?  I don't want to be rude, but FI and I luckily agree that we'd like some time to ourselves. 
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