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Escort card etiquette

I tried look up etiquette, and it's all over the places.... Could you please help me..?

1) Do I Have to put titles? Can I put John and Jane Doe instead of Mr. & Mrs. John Doe?
2) If a couple is engaged only, can I put both names on one card?
3) I have a single mom attending with her daugher. Do I make a separate card for her daugher? If not, how do I it?

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Re: Escort card etiquette

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    itzMSitzMS member
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    Ditto Sparkly.

    TBH, guests could care less about escort cards. They just want to know where to sit.

    I think one per guest is easiest. You can do a quick count to see that none are missing (12 guests will be seated at table 8...and I have 12 escort cards...check! etc)
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    Thanks! It sounds like what I was thinking wasn't "violating" any etiquettes. I think I'll just do it per family/couple (I don't want to do 100 escort cards..). Thanks for your help!
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