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Sister in Law as Bridesmaid

My FMIL is trying to force me to put her daughters in the wedding. One of them I get along with and the other one is polite to me (or ignores me completely) but has had several emotional breakdowns as a result of my presence at "family events". One example being that she refused to get a car with me to drop his parents off at the airport because it was a family thing - there have been at least 4 or 5 of these severe tantrums in the 5 years we've been together and although it was never to my face, I was usually in earshot and I've never gotten an apology. 

We moved to FL last year and his family came down like they do every year and she flipped out because I stayed with their grandparents (not where she was staying). I was assured as per usual that it was not personal and had nothing to do with me and that she is unstable and needs help. It was to the point that a month after one of her episodes, we came home for a bat mitzvah - I was finally formally invited after 5 years despite her issues. It was 6 meals, services, and a party and she didn't even acknowledge me or look at me for an entire weekend.   

Three months later we got engaged (he surprised me when I was visiting home) and all of a sudden everything is peachy. Supposedly she is being super supportive now and is talking about throwing me a bachelorette party. Should I give this a chance in her newfound support?? We are 1400 miles away and aren't getting married for a year and a half and I know that it will probably cause problems if I don't ask both sisters to be bridesmaids - they are both a little on the crazy side. 

Advice please!!! I could fill 100 pages with the drama she has put me through!!!
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