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How do you just send an e-mail to your guestlist?

So, I sent out an electronic save-the-date about a month ago (my fiance and I are paying for everything, so we are trying to do things as cost effecient as possible.) On the save-the-date I asked that the guests to e-mail me their mailing address in order to receive a formal invitation. Absolutley no one has sent me an e-mail back. So, I was wondering if there is a way to just send the guests a reminder e-mail about sending me their addresses? Not an e-card, just a simple e-mail. I must be really dense because I can't figure out how to do it from my guest list. Can you even do that? Thank you for the help ladies! :o)
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Re: How do you just send an e-mail to your guestlist?

  • Ditto PP that's what I was thinking.  Clearly you have their e-mail addresses since you sent them an e-mail already, so why not just send one from your gmail account (or whatever you use) rather than using TheKnot's.

    You may also want to consider calling them.  It doesn't seem like e-mail is the best way to go about getting this information so you may need to switch methods.
  • I'm a spiteful biitch about these things, but if you can't be unlazy enough to find out my address or call me, I wouldn't send it either. In my opinion, if someone wants to invite me to something, they can ask me for my address, not direct me to send it in a mass email.

    I agree that if you sent an evite or something from your knot page, it likely went straight to spam. I'd send individual emails or call. And your parents don't have any of these addresses?
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  • It's called a telephone.
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  • Why don't you get the family addresses from your parents or relatives who keep an address book? That way you only have to call your friends.
  • Between my parents and my fiance's parents, we got 90% of our guest lists' house addresses.  We emailed the rest of our friends to get their addresses (using facebook and phonecalls to get addresses of those whose email we didn't know).  We got everythign withing two weeks, I would suggest this.  Plus it makes the moms' feel like they have something important to do. 
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  • Thank you Jodipi314. My folks were not thrilled about the engagement at first, but they are coming around. Asking my mom to help me may make things a little better. I know she would feel better if she could help some way. I appreciate your kindness.
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