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HELP! Peacock themed wedding...

I would like to do a peacock themed spring wedding. I am not really a flower person so I was trying to find cute and classy ways to incorporate the peacock feather and its colors throughout my wedding.  Any suggestions or ideas?

Re: HELP! Peacock themed wedding...

  •*motif&NestProfile=0Just keep it subtle and it'll be classy. Themes start to look ridiculous once you take them too far.
  • Thats what I am afraid of. I don't want things to look cheesy... I thought about the bridesmaids holding peacock fans instead of flowers and also some centerpieces with just the feathers. I am not sure if the fams are too much?? My other option are these really cute peacock hair pieces for the BMs and maybe let them carry a bouquet?? I also would like to incorporate them into the invites and programs.... The wedding is in New Orleans at a plantation so not too sure how far I can go with this!
  • What if you do jewel toned dresses (peacock colors) with flowers and a peacock hairpiece for each of the girls.
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  • Yes, I like that idea very much. I was trying to stay away from flowers though because they tend to be so expensive!
  • I like peacocke color dresses and fans but no hairpeices. Peacock hairpeices makes it look like you are pretending your bm are peacocks  
  • Hey I have a peacock wedding [email protected]!!! My centerpieces are very very tall curly willow with calla lillies, large peacock feathers, and a little bit of lime green hydrangea in a very tall vase with floating orchids. Lots of candles very dark.... My table cloths are smaller black over white with blue led lights under each table with black chair covers. I am also tucking a single feather in everyones black napkin fold with the menu. My bouquet is white calla lillies and lime green hydrangeas but at the base surrounded with peacock feathers. The invitations have a peacock feather slipped under the wrap around seal (they are black and white with hints of lime green). I chose black because I thought that because it is neutral the small hints of peacock will really "pop" even though they are small in comparison to all the white. The lime green brings out the colors in the feather itself. I'm getting married on halloween so even though its more of a black tie masquerade I wanted something a little funky!!!! Good luck! I hope my ideas can give you something to work off.... check out etsy they have really cool peacock stuff etc.
  • I have been living on for the last month!!! There are so many cute things on there. I plan on going with maybe jewel tone colors like gold, cobalt blue and jade green. I created a peacock feather centerpiece using the eyelets and also a floating candle centerpiece so that I can maybe alternate them among the tables. Thats all I have so far... Still coming up with ideas!
  • Hi there-We are totally incorporating peacock feathers into our Nov 21, 09 wedding.I do like flowers-so on the bridesmaids flowers-they will be lined aroudn the bottom with peacock feathers-often times like you see large leaves.Mine-may be  the same our florist is playing with it to see if it looks right.We found invitations that have peacock feathers on them and thank yous that have a peacock on it.(  We have recieved many compliments-I can look up who the manufacturer was).At the reception we are having some vases with huge bunches or bouquets of peacock feathers coming out of them.  We are also haveing gumpaste peacock feathers on our wedding cake.Good luck-as the time gets nearer and nearer I am finding even more peacock stuff and I am sad it is too late to use a lot of it!KB
  • I am also gonna do the vases with the peacock feathers. Did you find any sites online for your inspiration?
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