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Our ceremony is being done by a friend and a JP is the pronouncing us and making it official. Neither one of us are paticularly religious so we are looking for readings and for lack of a better term "filler" for our very small ceremony. Any ideas on where to start?

Re: Readings etc.

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    Google? Pick a reading from your favorite poet, song or book? Unity Candle, Sand Ceremony, Tree Planting Ceremony, Hand Fasting, etc.
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    Think about what marriage means to you . then google for readings / poems/ stories that express that meaning
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    "Union" by Robert Fulghum is a nice reading that's secular in nature. e.e. cummings' "i carry your heart" is nice as well. A lot of people go for readings from children's books ... "I Like You," "The Giving Tree" and "The Velveteen Rabbit" are popular. Love the HypnoToad!
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    We had a very similar ceremony. It went like this:1. JP Greeting the guests and reminding us of why we are having the ceremony.2. Readings--Two(one religious, and one awesome poem).3. Two nieces sang a song in our honor4. Exchange of Vows5. Exchange of RingsWE ARE MARRIED:)Good luck with deciding what you'd like to do!
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    I'm just starting to think about this but how is the ceremony above different from what would be done at a religous ceremony?  Isn't the order of things about the same?
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