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Photobooth, Do you tip?

I honestly have no idea if I am supposed to tip the photobooth attendant or not?  Anyone know the answer to this?  If so, how much?  Thanks! 

Re: Photobooth, Do you tip?

  • We are planning on offering a small tip - I think I set aside $20.00.  We are also including a meal for him.  HTH
  • Does the attendant own the business that you're contracting to provide the photobooth? If the answer is yes, then I wouldn't tip. If not, I would tip them.
  • We did a photobooth for our wedding.  Yes, you do tip the photobooth attendant and feed them.
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  • This is irrelevant to the question, but what exactly does a "Photobooth Attendant" do?  I always assumed they dropped off the machine and left.
  • They're there in case something goes wrong, give people their pictures, insert into scrapbook if applicable, set up, etc. You should absolutely tip your photobooth attendant. My fiance has had to be the attendant for his company sometimes (he usually works as an videographer and video editor) and he definitely appreciates a tip....
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