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Registration Frustration

Is it tacky to have the option of an Ikea gift card for gifts?

My FI and I are planning on registering at one store (Bed Bath & Beyond, Pier One, Target, etc. kind of place) but would LOVE Ikea as an option. Problem is, Ikea doesn't do gift registeries. but they DO have the ability to order gift cards online, that way, you don't have to go to/be near an Ikea to fulfill this option.  

Re: Registration Frustration

  • Um.... how are you planning on conveying that information?

    I don't know.  I want to say no.  It seems weird to ask for specific gift cards outright.  Just use any cash you receive towards things you'd like to purchase at Ikea.
  • I am opposed to gift cards on registries.  You could create a universal registry like myregistry or amazon, and add some of the items you like from Ikea.  Then you might get some of them, and some people might give you gift cards there too.
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  • Couldn't you just decide between the two of you that cash you receive (or a certain percentage/amount of it) goes toward things you like at Ikea? It seems tacky to ask for Ikea gift cards. It's no different than asking for cash, if you ask me.
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  • The only way you can pull this off is to spread the word (to parents and WP members) that you're planning on refurnishing your home and would love GCs to Ikea. So when someone asks them what you want they can tell your guests, "They're registered at Target and Crate and Barrel, but would also love gift cards to Ikea/are saving up to buy some new Ikea furniture."
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    excellent advice! Thank you my dearies.
  • We have a wedding website.  We have our registries listed.  Then below that, we say this:

    Our work is never done
    It seems we're constantly in the middle of one remodeling project or another and once we finish this house, we'll end up selling it and moving on to the next fixer-upper.  Gift cards and certificates to the following work very well in helping us achieve our goals.

    • Lowe's
    • Home Depot
    • Ikea

    Our Wedding Day
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