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any advice for wedding decorations?

This is my first time to post on theknot so I'm just gonna give it a try. I've found my dream location for the wedding ceremony and location. It's a beautiful 1920's art deco style ballroom. It's just what you would imagine...original wood floors, chandeliers...lots of beautiful drama with floor to ceiling windows. It also has beautiful black and gold curtains that surround the room and also create ways to section the room off for the ceremony and reception. I love the curtains. They match the room perfectly. My question is, though, how do I decorate or even figure out what color theme I want my wedding to have???? I'm afraid whatever I pick will clash with the room. Should I pick a gold theme with white flowers maybe? Or do something totally different? Any advice would be greatly appreciated!!! By the way, I'm only 20 and am getting married young. Therefore, I really have no experience with wedding decorating. Thanks!

Re: any advice for wedding decorations?

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    can you take some pics of the room to have handy when you browse some wedding magazines to get some color inspiration?  I didn't have colors in mind either - but I knew they were right for me when I saw them in a magazine and went from there. btw - you might not want to have your real email address as your user name.
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