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Afterparty invites?

We're having an alcohol-free reception because of venue rules, so a good friend has volunteered to host an afterparty at her house.  It is going to be a hosted party (we'll provide drinks and food for it, just as we would have if the reception venue had allowed drinking), but it's going to be a TOTALLY different vibe from the ceremony and reception.  Is it bad form to mention the afterparty on the wedding invites and have guests RSVP for it?  Or should we just go word-of-mouth?  I don't want anyone to feel like they're expected to come to the afterparty, but I also don't want anyone to make travel plans assuming things will wrap up early and be stuck having to leave when they want to stay for the extended festivities.  And I think our friend would appreciate knowing ahead of time approximately how many people might end up in her house that night.  I was planning to give everyone official afterparty invitations (with address/directions, etc) at the reception and not give that info out ahead of time, since it's at our friends' home and I don't feel comfortable sharing her address with everyone before that point, but that's pretty short notice. 
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