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I am having an issue with guests whom were sent a single invitation (we only invited guests for people in serious relationships) are sending RSVP's and adding a guests name to them. How do we address this. We are only allowed 180 guests and sent out invites for 200 guests. How do we address this??

Re: and guests.....+ 1's

  • I am having the exact same problem. We didn't over invite, but we are right on the line of the maximum. We sent & Guests to anyone in a relationship and anyone who will not know anyone except for  us at the reception. However all of our single friends are responding with dates. I am getting very frusterated as well. I told one of them so far that we are on the line of capacity and if we get a bunch of no's back it will not be a problem but I have to let them know. I feel the same about spending the night with a bunch of random people we don't even know though. If we let everyone brign guests its going to turn into an extra 20+ people. Any other suggestions for addressing this?
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    [QUOTE]This just happened to me. A friend is getting married and she doesnt know my bf. The invite is just for me. Totally cool with me that he isnt invited. MY friend doesnt even know my bf. <strong>When my bf and I get married we already discussed not wanted peoples significant others at OUR day if we dont know them.</strong> So I would most def. tell your man that he needs to call on behalf of you both explaining that you dont have room to invite them. Be honest. Best wishes on your wedding!
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    Um, no. You have to invite SO's whether you know them or not.
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