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Dyeing my own shoes

I'm thinking about dyeing a pair of shoes that I wore in a wedding last summer black so I can wear them in another wedding this summer.  Bad idea?  Anyone tried this yourself? 
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Re: Dyeing my own shoes

  • I'm not doing shoes, but I'm planning on dyeing white lace gloves black for my bridesmaids using RIT dye. I hope it turns out okay.
  • P.S.  Oops I posted twice.  At least I got the spelling right the second time...haha. 
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  • That's what I was thinking about using...but I wasn't sure how it would work on shoes...
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  • Are your shoes of a dyeable material? I'd be worried about ruining them if they're not. The gloves were cheap, so if they don't turn out right, it's no big loss.
  • My only concern would be dyeing over another color.  They probably only do this to make you buy another pair of shoes but I know DB won't re-dye an already dyed pair, even going from dark to darker like you're wanting.
  • Yes, they're actually one of those dye-able brands, but they're just white now.  I wouldn't really be too heartbroken if I ruin them, I just wondered if it would be worth the effort!
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  • Oh if they're just white, go for it.
  • Well, then I'd say go for it. I wonder if it would affect the sole? Maybe a dip-dye in the sink?
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    These actually look hideous to me, but it might have some helpful information.

    Here they actually spray painted them, which seems crazy, but who knows.

    Another post I found, some chick said she got shoe dye at Michaels.
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    I took mine into a shop and was told the fabric wouldn't hold the dye well (though, when I looked up the shoes it turns out she was wrong about what fabric they were, so it may have been fine).

    Find out what fabric they are, and then do some googling to see if it's possible. Even though my experience turned out to be unhelpful, you also might consider taking your shoes to a bridal shop and getting an opinion. They may even do it for you, plenty of shops do it for bridesmaids all the time.

    ETA - pfft, well if they're already dyeables you shouldn't have a problem.
  • Well they are technically dyed...but it's just a really, really light champagne color...more of a shimmery white really.
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  • It costs like $20 to have them dyed at a shoe repair shop. I'd go with that...  cheaper than buying another pair and no worry about wrecking them.
  • Good ideas!  That's the other thing I was wondering to deal with the soles...
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  • Or use a Sharpie.

    (Not even kidding.)
  • I have a friend who had a black dress with red and white polka dots and didn't like the red ones so she colored them in with a sharpie. Looked pretty good.
  • In Response to <a href=" BoardsForum:9Discussion:c2ad7503-42f9-4128-802e-cb93e624bc10Post:1b072a82-e3ed-4f4b-a7d7-209905502efa">Re: Dyeing my own shoes</a>:
    [QUOTE]Or use a Sharpie. (Not even kidding.)
    Posted by tracy_k[/QUOTE]

    I use a Sharpie to touch up a pair of black heels that I have.  Works like a charm. :)
  • Shoes that are dyed are not usually dipped or submerged in the dye. The dye is applied with a sponge, just enough to color the fabric.
  • Haha...mental image of the look DH would give me if he found me coloring my shoes with a sharpie :) 
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    In Response to <a href="">Re: Dyeing my own shoes</a>:
    [QUOTE]In Response to Re: Dyeing my own shoes : I use a Sharpie to touch up a pair of black heels that I have.  Works like a charm. :)
    Posted by kate51485[/QUOTE]

    I had my wedding shoes dyed dark purple and they couldn't dye the insoles, which would have been OK if they weren't strappy sandals. They looked REALLY stupid with purple straps and blinding white insoles.

    I was about ready to tear my hair out until I discovered that it damn-near-exactly matched the purple Sharpie.

    So I colored in the insoles with a purple Sharpie.

    Worked great, except for that whole part about dyeing the soles of my feet FUCHSIA. Hee.

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  • It kind of sounds like fun...
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  • OK, totally contradicting myself now, but if you use Rit dye I would make it super-concentrated, then use a sponge-tipped paintbrush to dab on the color, and let dry. You want to try not to get the shoes soaking wet or they might shrink up and get really tight as they dry.

    But honestly, I think a big fat Sharpie would work.

    It takes longer than you think, though. And more Sharpies. I used three (the finer-point kind) just for the insoles.
  • Sharpie does work.
  • First off, don't use Rit on shoes. There are a variety of dyes made just for dying shoes. I recommend Evangeline Slipper Dye. Do not submerge them- use a dauber or (better yet) a preval sprayer. If using the latter, cover and tape off any areas that you don't want dyed.
  • most shoe repair stores will not dye anymore due to liablitliy esp if its a wedding some online places will but it depends. I contacted this company and recieved a snarky response about how I should not have bought my shoes from amazon.  They were very unprofessional I don't recommend them.  However, try the manufacture thats what we are doing.
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