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4 hours later...

I finally finished Schindler's List. My day of Holocaust can finally end. I feel like I got hit by a truck.

Anything non-depressing happen for anyone else today?

Re: 4 hours later...

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    I went to Mickey's Diner with the FH!  We love it there.
    Definitely the highlight, because work has had a lot of computer problems.
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    Woohoo, that's a pick me up! ;)
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    Why did you decide to have a holocaust day?


    And, funnily enough, I almost asked you if I knew you just then. Apparently I have a very short memory span.

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    edited January 2010

    So short that I forgot that you asked a question in the OP! My day was good, although I didn't do AS MUCH thesis as I should have. I think I've actually written about one quarter of my total pages so far, although there's (obviously) a lot more to do, and most of what I have written is stuff I've thrown together from my documents over the past year, thus I haven't really done a lot of pure writing this year as yet. I'm determined to finish that thing asap, though- preferably have it close to done by the end of the year.


    H and I just returned from dinner at a nearby Italian shop, and I am rather full and somewhat drunk now. 

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    that's one of my favorite movies. It's so powerful. I also like Defiance and Inglorious Bastards, but for very different reasons.

    I love history, hehe.

    Umm, it's friday here, and I have a huge bag of mini crunch bars to get me through work :) yay for chocolate!
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    WELL, my undergrad and honours is psychology. My PhD is actually through the school of Medicine's department of Paediatrics, but just to clarify (as when I say this, a lot of people get excited and think I'm going to become a paediatrician or something!), at the end of the day, I'll have a PhD, but I'm not going to be certified to do anything but research. I do child protection research in my job, and my PhD is looking at Abusive Head Trauma (aka shaken baby syndrome, plus intentional impact traumas) in infants. 

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