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Photosharing cards

What sites are you guys using for  photo sharing cards?  I want a something that i can just give a website and a password to - any suggestions?
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Re: Photosharing cards

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    I am using Shutterfly - pics of cards in bio. Vistaprint has free premium business cards right now if you are on their e-mail list.
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    Shutterfly is the best from what I've seen. You make a website and then people can log on to upload their pics to it and they can even have them printed and shipped to them if they like. You don't have to put a password, but you can. I liked this better than making an account at Snapfish to just have people upload pics.
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    Yeah I created a photo share site on shutterfly too. It looks like it will be easy for everyone to use.
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    I did photobucket since I've been using that site for a while personally.  You can choose to have the pictures printed to Target which I thought was awesome.  There is a pic of my card in my bio
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