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Who had problems with Belk's registry?

I went online today and two people have purchased gifts that we never registered for! They didn't show up online until they were purchased gifts. Ugh. Here we go with returns...What did you do to fix the problems you had? And did you ever find out why they added things you didn't ask for?

Re: Who had problems with Belk's registry?

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    I know this has to be extermely frusturating but I don't think it's Belk alone b/c I've had the same thing happen to me at BBB.  I think if people ask the people to link the item up to your reistry that's how it happens.  So annoying though - did Redhead (?) ever get Belk to fix the problem
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    To my knowledge, this will happen at almost any store with a registry. The store does this so that if someone thinks you absolutely need to have an item you didn't register for, then other people who are thinking of buying you the same gift will know that another guest already has.
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    Yeah, this is not Belks adding things to your registry. If someone pulls up your registry at the store & then buys something not on the registry, the sales clerk is still scanning your registry code (most likely). It will make it easier for you to return the things you didn't ask for if they show up on your registry. So don't blame Belks. Blame your guests for buying you weird things you don't need.
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    Thanks for the replies. I guess that makes sense if it is going to make it easier for us to return stuff. It drives me insane that people think they know better than you what you want. The whole POINT of the registry is to tell them what you want.And to the person who spent $40 on new pillow covers I didn't register for...I would have much rather gotten actual pillows.
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    This happened to me to and we just returned the item at BBB. Also, I have heard that sometimes if someone is buying your item at the same time they are buying something for themselves, the item they are purchasing for themselves can show up on your registry. So just wait. It might not be a gift for you (hopefully??) lol. They might have just done some shopping of their own while shopping for you! ;)
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    I never fixed the problem I just figured we'll return whatever we can.  Too lazy and too many other things to do.  Our problem wasn't that people are buying us things off the registry (even though they are doing that and I wish they would not), it was that things were showing up on our registry under the "Wants" column.  For instance, if we registered for a candle holder, it would say "Wants - 1" and then "Needs - 1" meaning that we registered for it and no one had bought it yet.Some people have asked for things we did not initially register for to be linked up with the registry and that should show up as "Wants - 0" and then "Needs - -1".The problem I am having are that things are showing up as "Wants - 1" and "Needs - 1" when I know that we haven't registred for them.Make sense?
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    redhead - I am having the same problem as you. grrr
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