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shower invite?

who is traditionally invited to a bridal shower? Someone on my side of the family offered to throw me a shower. They are planning on including my family, bridesmaids and FMIL. Is it okay to leave out his side of the family if noone from that side offered to give me a shower?

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    thank goodness i read this, after my MOH back out, and since my matron of honor is out of state, one of my bridesmaids and a coworker (who is invited to the wedding) have started to plan my shower. My FMIL gave me a list of 30 people to invite to the shower 23 of which i have never met, some who are not even family, but girlfriends who i have not met of cousins i have not met. Can i just tell her the people throwing the shower cannot accomodate them?
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    hi - yes that is what i had to do as well as it isn't fair to the people who are throwing the shower. I am inviting my FMIL to the shower. but that is it. without a hard line i know that she will want to invite others.  Since it is my aunts shower and her house, I'm not adding to the already set guest list. Good Luck! Certainly tricky. thanks for your help ladies!
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