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Bra Issues..... Help!

OK, dropped my dress off at Olga's on Saturday (Saw Katherine! Yay!) Since she is taking a dress with sleeves and making it strapless, she wanted me to buy a "corset style bra" with boneing..... (not one of those slick long line bridal bras) the bra will be what actually holds the dress up..... so I bought what I thought was right..... it was a lace bra that hooks around the smallest part of my waist- low in the back. It doesn't have boneing over the cups, just up to the bottom part of the cup.... well apparently she wanted a bra that had boneing through the up and around the top of the cup.... I don't know if I have ever seen one of these!!!! Anyone know where to find one????? She told me she could make me one, but it would be more expensive!

Re: Bra Issues..... Help!

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