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Adressing invitation envelopes, response envelopes etc

I know the addresses shouldn't be printed with a computer but I don't have great script or printing. (neither does my FI) And I can not afford a calligrapher, I did look into this but it's too expensive.

The place that is printing my invitations can pre-print the return address and the address on the reply envelope. They use a nice script and a raised ink.  I would still print out the names of all invited and their address. (as neatly as I can) This would help make things look better because it wouldn't be all my writing.

Is this acceptable? Is there an alternative. I don't want things to look tacky.

My address on the reply cards computer printed? (and pre-stamped of course)
Return address on the invitation pre-printed?
Handwritten names and addresses of those invited?
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