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Anyone around?

FI went to bed early again and I'm not at all tired. I just FINISHED the slideshow and I'm beaming proud of myself. :) I'm waiting for it to upload to Shutterfly so I can send it to our parents.

Who's around? What's going on?

Re: Anyone around?

  • I'm here having myself a glass of wine.  I'm watching Sleepers and I kinda forgot how disturbing this movie is.  
  • I'm here

    I was getting ready to paint, but now mom is IMing me, so instead of just be down in the dumps, now I'm ready to get to passed out drunk.

    Glad the slide show is finished.
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  • I'm here for a few minutes. We just got back from getting fro-yo for dessert. I talked to my niece earlier today about her first day of kindergarten. I wanted to cry-I can't believe she's in school! Where did the last 5 years go?
  • aMrs- me too. At one point a few days ago, I seriously considered scrapping the whole slideshow idea. FI had found himself about 500 pictures to choose from - and they were strewn all over the floor in the back room - and he was procrastinating on making his decision.

    kelly- I'm not sure if I've seen that movie or not. I probably have.

    Sounds like we're all drinking tonight. I'm on my 4th beer. Cheers!!
  • I think it came out in the late 90's - brad pitt is in it, if you're a fan.
  • Awww Jill my niece is going in to 2nd grade and it feels like just yesterday I was in the back seat of the car with her in her carseat, and I was teaching her how to talk like a pirate. :)
  • kelly- I'm always up for creepy movies. :) I may have to check it out!
  • AK, I'm super protective of her, even more than her little brother. She was diagnosed w/ Aspergers and ADHD earlier this year. She's going to ride the school bus tomorrow instead of my sister dropping her off, and I'm so worried about how the other kids are going to treat her :(
  • Jill, I hope everything goes OK for her! Does she have some friends at a nearby bus stop that she can buddy up with?
  • It is supposedly based on a true story, but I'm not sure how much of it is really true.  I read the book as well. 
  • kelly I just looked it up on IMDB and I'm pretty sure I've seen it. I might check it out again though. Lately I've been amazed by how many good movies there were in the mid-90's, that I somehow didn't notice at the time. Hehe.
  • Yeah I was going to look for the documentary "The Cove" on Netflix and I noticed this and got distracted.  
  • OK, so H can take "sleepers" off the list.   I don't do scary movies at all.
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  • Hehehe Netflix can be dangerous like that. :)
  • aMrs you probably wouldn't do well at a movie night at our house then. :) The next day we get snowed in, we're going to watch all 6 Saw movies back-to-back. We own them all! LOVE IT.
  • ewww.

    On our first real movie date, they showed the previews for "Vacancy".  H says I nearly broke his hand from squeezing it so tight.
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  • In Response to <a href="">Re: Anyone around?</a>:
    [QUOTE]OK, so H can take "sleepers" off the list.   I don't do scary movies at all.
    Posted by aMrsin09[/QUOTE]
    I wouldn'y say it's 'scary'  I just used the word disturbing since I'm sure things like this have actually taken place, whether or not this story is 100% true.  Somehow, I am still surprised by humanity at times.
  • Premise of the movie:  4 young boys are growing up in Hell's Kitchen in the 60's.  They do something and get sent to juvenile detention.  While there, they are abused and raped.  Fast forward to them being 30-something year old men.  2 run into one of the abusers/guards and kill him.  Proceed to trial...  
  • Unfortunately, I think that kind of shiit happens more often than anyone would like to know.

    And I've heard all kinds of weird Hell's Kitchen stories... my mom grew up there and my grandmother lived there for a large part of her life. She LOVES to tell stories about her brothers and all the crazy shiit they used to get in to.
  • I know my grandma grew up extremely poor during the depression, and her father apparently drank away what little money they had.  She told me when she married my grandpa she only owned 1 shirt.  At that point my grandpa likes to jump in and point out that meeting him was the best day of her life :)  They're so cute.  
  • Awww!! FI's grandparents tell similar stories too.. how every night they would share a can of tomatos and a potato for dinner but every morning his grandfather would come down the stairs singing what a beautiful day it was.
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