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out of country guests

Fiancee and I have relatives that live ouside of the US (in Europe, Australia, and Asia). Siince they live so far away, we're not sure when to send them invitations. We were thinking about 6-7 months before our wedding, but are afraid that might still be a little early. Also, we weren't going to have RSVP cards, but after some thought, we've decided to include them (don't want to take away from the formality). Should we still include RSVP cards for our international relatives, or would it be easier for them to RSVP via phone, e-mail, or our wedding site? Any help is appreciated.

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    6-7 months is waaayyyyy too early.  You could maybe push it to 12 weeks for international guests.  If you want to give them extra notice to make travel plans, you do that via a save the date, or you just let them know by email/phone/whatever.

    Send them RSVP cards, but don't put US stamps on them, since that won't do them any good.  You can give them the card, but also give them the option to RSVP by the other methods instead.
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    We had a couple of international guests. These guests knew way in advance when our wedding was because they are good friends and we talk often. I would just email or call these relatives to make sure they know the wedding date in advance (or send save-the-dates if you're doing those). You could then mail their invites a few weeks earlier than your domestic guests, but you don't need to do it 6 months in advance.

    We included RSVP cards in our invites but did not stamp them (we had pocketfolds and it would've looked silly if we didn't include them). I communicated with our friends to just let me know via email their dinner choice.
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    I just included a personal note to them letting them know they could RSVP any way they wanted, email, phone, mail. 
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    My hubby has family in Italy so we sent their invites 2 weeks early, but they knew as soon as we set the date the info so they could make any travel arrangements. We also went to our post office and got the international stamp to put on the rsvp cards.

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    Send the international invites about 2 weeks early and enclose a reply card.

    They know the postage that will be required and they won't be offended to have to pay for it themselves.  This stamped, selfaddressed reply thing is really not international, trust me.
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    As soon as you know the date, let the international people know, so they can start planning- even if you're more than a year out, it lets them start looking for good deals on airfare and whatnot. Then I'd send their invites out about a month before the other invites go out- just because it could take a while for them to arrive at some of the locations... and as PP said, include RSVP cards, but maybe write a hand written note that they can feel free to e-mail you/call etc with their response if it's easier. :)
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    Thanks for the replies!
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    Send save the date cards as soon as you finalize your date and basic location.

    Then send the invites a few weeks early.
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