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Stupid tan lines, ugh

At the beginning of the summer I got a really bad sunburn. Because I'm so fair skinned it takes forEVER for the resulting tan lines to fade. I had tried Mystic Tan earlier in the year and it turned out to be an orange, streaky joke. I went in today for an airbrush tan to try and even out the tan lines. Doesn't seem to be working. Any ideas? It wouldn't be such a big deal if it were just my shoulders, I'd use concealer or something. But I was wearing a tank top so it's the whole upper part of my back too and my dress is a halter. It's late in the game and I'm kind of freaking here.

Re: Stupid tan lines, ugh

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    do you have time to put sunscreen on the tanned area and go to a tanning bed for the untanned area?
    my entire summer is going to be spent trying to even out my practically permanent tank top tan lines. i wear tanks so often i always have white straps going over my shoulders, and my dress is strapless.
    good luck.
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    I tried that earlier in the summer and it just left streaky spots where the sunscreen was.
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    oh bummer.
    i have already started putting spf 30 on my chest and shoulders and have noticed that has helped a little. maybe a different kind of sunscreen?
    or, can you create some non sunblock blocker, like a scarf or towel or clothing of some kind wrapping your darkest areas and just spend time sunbathing? not a tanning bed, where it would be too dramatic, just a sunny afternoon?
    not sure how much time you have though...
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    Hmm, I have heard that usually that airbrush tanning does the trick. I know some of the ladies on my local board were dealing with this before the weddings. What about trying some of that Jergens Natural Glow moisturizer in one of the darker shades & use it a lot before the wedding and see if that does the trick?
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    You've tried everything I would have suggested. :( I'm sorry you're dealing with this! I've been worried about tan lines all summer.

    Missy's idea of the Natural Glow moisturizer might do the trick. I would probably put it on, only over the areas that are lighter colored though. Otherwise you'll just evenly darken everything. :)

    I'd say try the lotion, and maybe try to get out in the sun and lay out for a while. Put a good strong SPF on your tanned skin (50+), and put a lighter tan enhancing lotion over the untanned area... Hawaiian Tropic makes some that are SPF 8 or 10.
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    I would use the Jergen's Natural Glow for several days on the light area to darken it.

    I figured a spray tan would have worked.
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    Samething happened to me.
    I got a Mystic Tan a few weeks ago hoping that would even out my tank top tan line on my helped some, but not all the way.
    I've been going to the tanning bed for a month now and just bough a "tingle tanner" there that seems to be working.
    My hopes are that for the rest of the month that will work and I'll get at least one Mystic tan  before the wedding next month.

    I'm w/ other brides, I'm surprised the Mystic Tan didn't work to well...but coming from someone who didn't have it work complete wonders either can relate.

    I might try that Jergens tanner in a darker tone in my white areas to *hopefully* speed up the process...great idea ladies!
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    Yeah, I'm with you. I'm putting SPF 100 on myself everywhere I go, but I have a farmer's tan and lines on my chest. Strapless dress FTW. But I have 2 months to even it out.

    I would also suggest the "daily glow" natural/slow lotion and see if that helps at all. The other thing I might try is an exfoliation treatment. Can you take the time/money to go to a spa and get a deep exfoliation? Sloughing off some of those tan cells might help a bit.
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    I've had some wicked tan lines all summer. Even with SPF 50+ and exfoliating the lines still remained. In the end, I couldn't be bothered to try to tan them out and being Black I had no idea if self tanner would work. My photographers did a fantastic job retouching our photos though! 
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    Two of my aunts suggested Loreal tanning towelettes. Has anyone ever used those?
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