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I'm getting married in IN but I live here and Charlotte and we are going on the 26th to get our epics done. We were thinking about going to Freedom Park (by the Nature Museum) and having them done. Has anyone had their pics done there? If so what kind of poses and stuff did you do and what would you suggest? Thanks for your help in advance =)

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    Your photographer will likely have poses and shots in mind. They know what looks good on film, even if it feels a little strange at the moment. That being said, you can look through our session if you want. [URL][/URL] I would also suggest searching Cheyenne's blog for Kristy & Russ's e-pics. They had a really great outdoor non-urban shoot.
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    Hmm, anyone remember Cam (aka Christmaslover), I think she did hers there. Anyway, freedom park is absolutely beautiful, you'll get some GREAT shots there, regardless of where in the park you take them.
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