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Reception seating

So I was talking with another bride and she is planning on having a head table my fiance is the best man at her wedding. She then went on to say she wasn't doing assigned seating (table or chaires) since she didn't want the headache, but that there would be a table reserved some where where myself and one other guest of the wedding party could sit. I think this is very unfair if there are only two people as guest that are not in the wedding party why can't they sit at the head table or do a sweatheart table so I the wedding party can sit with their guest. Am I over reacting? I do not know anyone at this wedding other than my fiance. I feel like I have to go since my fiance is the best man and he husband is in our wedding. Any adivce would be great. Don't get me wrong they are great people I just don't want i sit by myself all night.
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